About The Risk Is Real

The Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP) is committed to helping schools throughout the country create a safe, supportive environment where children can learn and grow into healthy adults. Through dedicated programs, education and campaigns, our goal is to build resilient, confident youth ready and able to overcome challenges and create a successful future.

The world can be difficult for children and teens today; the risks are greater. Drug and alcohol use is on the rise; students face bullying, school violence, and cyberbullying; more adolescents report feeling anxious and stressed than ever before. These issues are often roadblocks to a young person’s educational journey and lifelong achievement. To that end, ADAPP provides resources and information to families, teachers, children, and community members to tackle the issues youth face.

To create The Risk Is Real campaign and materials, ADAPP partnered with Connect with Kids (CWK), a leading social marketing and educational resource that specializes in developing research-based programming, media and education about today’s most prevalent youth issues.

The Risk Is Real campaign is dedicated to reducing underage drinking among youth, increasing adult and youth awareness of the risks of underage drinking, and encouraging families to talk with their teens about the true impact of early drinking.

We believe that together, we can inspire our teens to live productive, healthy lives by providing them with a safe and caring community. If you would like to share your story or become involved in the campaign activities, please join us on Facebook.