The Risk Is Real campaign is dedicated to ending underage marijuana use. Just like addressing underage alcohol use, it can be a challenge. We can get there by increasing adult and youth awareness about the risks and encouraging families and other caring adults to talk with youth about the true impact of underage marijuana misuse.

Check out the moving stories below and then explore this site for more resources with actions you can take today!

Two people in a clinic setting

ADAPP Introduction

Two people in a clinic setting

Victor Ramirez

Two people in a clinic setting

Reverend Addie

Two people in a clinic setting

Anthony Shaw

Know the Risks

Even though marijuana is legal in many states for adults over 21 years old, you can take a stand against underage use and support the health and safety of young people in the community. Whether you’re a teen, a family member, a teacher, a community member, or a business owner, you have an important part to play in reducing underage substance use.

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