Take Action

Parents do make a difference. Take Action!

Ten Ways You Can Stop Underage Drinking:

Click here for printable “10 Ways You Can Help Reduce Underage Drinking.”

  1. Watch the short video segments on TheRiskisReal.org website. After watching, select several of the videos to watch with your teen(s).
  2. Talk with your teen about the risks of underage drinking. Discuss your expectations and values. Click here for suggested discussion questions.
  3. Hold a watch party.” Get together with friends, other parents, your kids and their friends to watch the critically-acclaimed video, Parenting in the Age of Alcohol. Use the discussion questions to help start a conversation after watching.
  4. Get your local schools and community organizations involved.  Ask teachers, counselors and principals in your area schools and youth groups to use The Risk is Real materials in classrooms, peer leadership activities and at student assemblies. Ask schools and organizations to post The Risk is Real link (www.theriskisreal.org) to their website homepage as a useful information link for the community.
  5. Send a letter to the editor of your community newspaper or church or synagogue newsletter about The Risk Is Real campaign; include a link to the theriskisreal.org materials.
  6. Share The Risk is Real website links, facts and videos on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  7. Send an email to your friends and business associates about The Risk is Real campaign. Ask them to watch the videos and read the tips and facts, and to forward this valuable information to their family and friends.
  8. When it comes to social drinking, be a positive role model. Your kids – and their friends – are watching and learning from the adults around them. As a parent, you do make a difference in the health of your teens!
  9. Manage the access of alcohol in your home by locking your liquor cabinet and not storing alcohol and beer in your refrigerator.  Explain to your teens that is not an issue of trust, but of protection.
  10. Resist any pressures to allow underage drinking in your home. Discuss the issue and make a pact with the parents of your teen’s friends not to permit underage drinking at home.